About (For MU Faculty, Staff and Students)

The University of Missouri benefits all Missourians through teaching, research, extension and through engagements that have statewide reach and impact well beyond our campus and classrooms.

The University of Missouri IMPACT website provides a searchable inventory of MU faculty – and student- led programs, activities and educational opportunities that bring valuable knowledge and resources directly to the people and communities of Missouri. Information can be viewed statewide or can be filtered by county, school district, or State House, State Senate and Congressional legislative districts.

This search tool is available for public use to help the citizens of Missouri build new connections and collaborations with Mizzou, as well as to demonstrate the many ways in which the University of Missouri serves as the University for Missouri.

MU faculty and staff are able to add engagement efforts to this inventory. Simply click “Add Engagement” in the bottom left of the search panel and fill out the appropriate information. Once finished, click “Submit Engagement” and your entry will be submitted for review by our staff. Once approved, it is then published live on the website.

Engagement efforts are any impacts — such as programs, activities, services, research work — that the university provides for communities throughout the state, including:

Group 1 — Ongoing projects that interact directly with Missourians (continuous programs or services being offered in communities)

Group 2 — Recurring or onetime events that engage citizens beyond the MU campus (i.e. conferences, camps, site visits, annual events, etc.)

Group 3 — One-way activities that simply disseminate information from the university to external audiences (i.e. policy briefs, a website, etc.)

For more information about how to add to the database, please see the instructions or contact the support team at info@engagementnetwork.org.